Thursday, February 5, 2009

Valentines Day PSA

I'm not a very good "girl" I guess... I've always tried to ignore Valentines Day.

But it comes every year, around the same time, whether I pay attention or not.

I try to get Farmmom flowers or a Valentine's themed stuffed animal every year, just to see her smile, but other than that, the whole thing could vanish into thin air, and I wouldn't mind too terribly.

It's a couples thing, really.

So, gentlemen, if you've got ladies in your life that you care about and want to make smile, order your flowers now. It'll save stress later, and you'll look a lot better if you're not bringing her cellophane wrapped grocery-store flowers.

Oh, and if my opinion matters at all... skip the roses. Everyone in the world gives or gets roses. Be different, get her daisies, lillies, buttercups or bluebells. Anything but roses.

I would much rather be amythysts and wildflowers to a special person than diamonds and roses.

If you feel you must give her roses, go unusual. Peach, lavender, fire and ice. If you know her favorite color, ask the flower shop to find roses in that color... they can usually do it.

If nothing else, go into the flower shop, and ask to see what they have available. Look for something that reminds you of her, and ask them to make an arrangement.

If you just can't make it into the flower shop, break out the credit card, go to FTD or 1-800 Flowers and pick something out online. These sites make it really easy to schedule the delivery, meaning you can get it taken care of now, while you're thinking about it, and not have to worry about it as the day approaches!

Trust me, fellas. She'll appreciate you giving her a dozen red roses. She'll love you for giving her an arrangement that you can honestly say made you think of her.


Old NFO said...

How about Black roses?

Farmgirl said...

Black roses might be taken the wrong way, but if that's the kind of gal you've got, then go right ahead!

TXGunGeek said...

I am finding hard to live up to expectations. a couple years ago I went in and talked to the florist and came up with a "Tropical" arraignment centered around Birds of Paradise. When delivered they went to the first floor office and were hand carried up to the fourth floor so everyone could see.

So, guys, go in and talk to the pro's. They can come up with some pretty incredible ideas.

Waleis said...

Nice post!! I would like to buy flowers from FTD on Valentines Day every year...

Crucis said...

Do they have roses in purple? That's my wife's favorite color.

Last year we went out so she wouldn't have to cook. I think that'll work again. After all, we've only been married 41 years.

Farmgirl said...


Yes, they do have lavender roses... they're beautiful. FTD and 1800Flowers both have arrangements of the lavender roses.

Farm.Dad said...

Well i thought so far out of the box that you cant see it from here. I gave the two girls i care most for in life handguns ( and for various reasons gave them early ).
It might be " redneck " but nothing says i love you quite as much as a nice pistol to cuddle with when things go bump in the night .

Legman688 said...

... this is why I celebrate Singles' Awareness Day on February 14th.