Thursday, February 5, 2009

Post Secret

I'm altering the time on this one, to keep my Valentines Day Public Service Announcement at the top for another day... Gotta make sure the menfolk that only read me first thing in the morning get their reminder to order goodies for their loved ones, too.

I am addicted to this site.

It's not really a voyeuristic thing for me, although there is a bit of that. And it's not just the artistic way that some people convey their secrets.

To me, there is something deeply touching about so many people surrendering what may be their deepest, darkest secrets to a complete stranger, who then shares them with the world.

Perhaps sending in a secret is a freeing experience. Maybe the people who send their secrets to Frank feel a sense of relief, that they've finally told someone, even if he, or the people who read it thereafter, will never know who the secret belongs to.

I know that I've seen secrets that made me want to cry. I have seen postcards that bolstered my faith in humanity, and ones that have undercut it. Secrets that made me laugh, and some that in a very few words conveyed enormous meaning.

I dare you to read the Sunday Secrets for three weeks, and not find something that touches you on a level that most of the people around you don't even know about.

Maybe it's just a silly thing that one man in Maryland is making money off of (you can buy the books, and see Postsecrets that never made it on the site.)

But then again, maybe it's not. I think it's worthwhile.

Check it out, and judge for yourself.


Peter said...

It's a very interesting site, but also a very sad one, from my perspective.

I've done personal and relationship counseling for well over two decades, in both the secular and religious fields. The truly saddening thing is that one meets so many people like those who post to this site . . . but they won't actually take a decision, and take concrete action, to change their situation. They'll describe it, they'll understand where they're at and why they're there, but they'll always find some excuse or other not to move out of that mess and into a better, more healthy situation.

It's heart-breaking sometimes.

Christina LMT said...

It's my first internet stop of the day, every Sunday, without fail.

Anonymous said...

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