Saturday, September 8, 2007

The things I do...

I'm sitting here with dye on my hair, my best friend is in my bathroom doing her ablutions, the country music channel on my digital cable is blaring, I have feed crew in a couple of hours, for which I will have a brand new wacky dye job... And tonight, Best Friend and I are going out.

I'm reminded of highschool days when we would pull all nighters just because we wanted to, drive forty five minutes to Wal Mart, or two hours to Dairy Queen on a whim, do crazy things with hair (less mine than hers, then, I've only recently come into the area of telling her to do what she wants as long as it doesn't look insane) and generally just be nuts together.

It's good to know that in spite of years of working, three kids (for her) and many relationships, break ups, crazy stresses and moving away from each other, we still have the wacky camaraderie that got us through those intense, hormone-driven days of junior high and high school.

Besides, who doesn't want to drag their prissy friend to the barn to hang out while she feeds and sweeps up horse poo?

This is gonna be fun..... hehehehe.

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