Saturday, September 8, 2007

Good Times

Yesterday I had my daily battle with the bay, and did my feed crew duties... then hung around to watch the rodeo team practice.

And, of course, being me, help with the practice.

One of the steer wrestlers is training up a new gelding, a good prospect, but he's still pretty green on it. E was worried that the gelding would stop when he dove off on the steer, instead of keeping running, so he wanted to give him a little supplemental training... just a couple of runs along the fence, E would snag the rails and go off... but to keep the gelding moving, someone needed to be moving him along, so he asked me to come in and lead the gelding along at a trot while he dove off.

Of course... the ropers were practicing in the same arena while we did this.

We got funny looks, but we didn't really care.

I had to hop the fence a couple of times when the ropers came at us... nothing I didn't have to do at home working cows, but folks were kind of twitchy when I'd watch the header horse coming at me, and wait till I was sure I was gonna have to before I went up the fence.

It was fun, though, and I stuck around long enough to cheer E on while he was doing his runs.

The rodeo coach's horse had his own little party, while F was chasing steers up into the chute, the horse took off the other direction down the alleyways, chasing the other steers back to their pen, then giving a few bucks to celebrate his good job, and going back to his rider.

Them's some good times, right there.

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