Friday, August 24, 2007

Why can't people get it?

Had a nice visit with my good friend R today. She's my hairstylist and fashion consultant, best friend for many many years, and just all around good gal, most of the time.

Unfortunately, she thinks I need to be "hooked up" and she always picks the absolute worst person.

For example... the first guy she tried to hook me up with... well, he was in love with her. No really, the guy loved her... and he and I turned into good friends, I took him to the one prom that I attended, and shook my head as he mooned over her and she was oblivious.

Second guy... same deal, except that he showed up after two months of nada, never even called to say hi howareya, knocking on the door at two am... wanting to get all friendly with me. Ugh.

So yeah, she has a bad track record for picking men for me... she's not allowed to hook me up anymore, and she knows this... she just ignores it a lot of the time.

Today, she asked me when I was gonna give it up and just go out with T.

I laughed until I hurt.

When I told T about it tonight, he said "People just don't get us, do they?"

Guess not.

I love T to death, and he's a little (little, ha, he's a giant, but he'll always be little to me) hottie, but as far as a sexual thing? Nahhhhhh, its just not there, for either of us.

I'm lucky enough to have a few "best" friends. R, and T's big sister are two of them... we've stuck together most of our lives, in spite of being separated in recent years by much distance. T is another.

T is a very special person, he's one of the best men I know, even if I do call him a guy or a boy most of the time, that's just because he'll always be that slightly chunky little smartass that I knew all those years ago, in my mind.

But as far as he and I having a relationship?

The world would implode. No really, the combined force of that much snark having sexual relations would cause a quantum reaction that would end life as we know it. The entirety of the universe would wink out and be replaced either with a big Don't Panic button or a big artistic rendering of the middle finger being given. It would all depend on which one of us was having more evil thoughts at the end.

I can't believe people really want that, and yet, they keep encouraging us to get together... I just don't know why they can't seem to get it?


Drew said...

I've had the same sorts of situations. Man, is it ever awkward dating a girl you know things won't work out with just so people will get off your back...and worse when they figure you're heartbroken that it didn't work out.

Although I have to think it would be worse to have the friend hooking you up.

As for the person that's a great friend and all, but there's no way you'd ever date...that's the sort of thing that people just never will quite get until you find someone else or are no longer around the person in question (and neither of those is even surefire).

Whoops...sorry for the longish comment. Didn't mean to annoy you quite that much.

farmgirl said...

Drew-- T and I refuse to date even to get people off our backs, because that's just silly.

As for not being around each other... T is in Utah for school... so we aren't around each other, really. But I know what you mean.

DW said...

I don't think loseing a good friend for a short romance would be worth it.

William the Coroner said...

My mother is not allowed to fix me up anymore, because the people that she sets me up with turn out to be mentally ill, drunks, or lesbians. I've hit the trifecta twice. And the nun, but she got fired, so that doesn't really count.

Other friends tell me I'm providing a public service, that the world needs more crazy, drunken, lesbians, but it's not all that good for the ego, yanno?

Anonymous said...

I think letting other people pick your significant other is about like letting them pick your friends. Neither is a good idea.

Funny thing though... this local saddle club... when I was working with them, they tried to tell me who they didn't like that I did like. It bothered them that I got along with certain people. But they never tried to tell me I needed to date anybody in particular. I don't know whether it was because they saw I didn't much care who they didn't like (I've tended to get along with people who don't necessarily get along with each other), or if they didn't try to set me up because I was on crutches back then and not somebody they'd have dated. Or because I've been the local tack geek for as long as they've known me. It could've been either of those three ways. I'm not whining about it... just never have figured this one out.


Drew said...

The dating to get folks off your back isn't with the situations like you and T. It's with the awkward and bizarre setups.
You and T should certainly never date just to shut people up.

GeorgeH said...

You and T will eventually succumb to curiosity if nothing else.

The difficult part in that kind of encounter is both of you trying not to break out laughing in the middle of it.