Thursday, August 16, 2007

Collegiate Dinnerfast of Champions

1/4 lb sausage

2 strips bacon

2 Pillsbury frozen biscuits


2 Eggs

Set out to make biscuits and sausage gravy, using approximately 1/4 pound sausage in an attempt to conserve resources. Cook sausage, drain. Cook bacon.

Pour sausage grease back into pan. Add too danged much flour.

Poke at the mess in the bottom of the pan. Look around in vain for something to fix this so you can have your gravy. Give up and set aside pan.

Dig out another pan, scramble two eggs in bowl. Pour eggs into pan. Eye cooked sausage. Dump sausage in pan with eggs.

Cook, plate, add two strips of bacon and two buttered biscuits.


It's not what I wanted, but it was actually pretty danged tasty.


Anonymous said...

That's not unlike how some of us do it in the South... with or without grits.

How I like to arrange it... scrammble or fry the eggs overmedium and put them on a plate next to bisquits. If I have deer sausage, which I like better, I like to put the eggs with deer sausage and grits. I like to have the gravy over bisquits and/or grits too.

I was watching Paula's cooking show on the food channel... she's one of the few tv cooks who's cooking I can stand... and she was making sandwiches. She scrammbled a bunch of eggs and mixed the sausage in, then she put that between two pancakes along with two or three slices of cheese and poured syrup over the whole thing.


Farmmom said...

I taught ya better than that kiddo! lol
Oh well it worked and it wasn't mac and cheese (;

farmgirl said...

I know, mom, but I was thinking about my Lit homework instead of what I was doing, and when I went to add the flour, for some reason the hand with the scoop thought I was making gravy for at least six people.

Dan O. said...

Maybe your last read work of non-fiction should have been Betty Crocker.

Just kiddin', but had to say it!

Hell, that sounded like a great breakfast to me. Although the sausage gravy would have made it even better. ;)