Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More Quotes

Adding to the list of outrageous quotes for everyone to vote on:

"Friendly but not familiar." - Oleg Volk

"Farmgirl- If I was 15 years younger, I would follow her around like a lovesick puppy..." - Stuart The Viking

"FarmGirl: 2% steel, 98% Colorado mountain lion." - MattG

Vote for your favorites or submit your own!


Anonymous said...

FarmGirl, intimately familiar with "Shoot, Shovel, and Shut Up."

Jennifer said...

Loving Matt's comment.
Maybe, 'Grabbing ass and taking names'

Ambulance Driver said...

FarmGirl: If I were 15 years younger, I'd boil her underwear and drink the broth.


FarmGirl: There are sexier critters than James Bond that pack a PPK.

Anonymous said...

How about something simple, like "Farmgirl: 100% No Bullshit zone"?