Sunday, May 2, 2010


Red is now officially someone else's problem. I can't argue with the way he behaved, he was actually an angel. He also worked really well for me in the pens before we went through the ring... I got several compliments. A lot of those came from people who had asked me about him, with the question that I dreaded more than any other... "Is he real gentle?"

If I were just a bit less honest I could have danced around that question better, and gotten more money, but I won't be responsible for someone buying that horse for their kids and the kid getting hurt because he's a jackass. So, I answered it the best I could... He's real gentle on the ground, loves attention, you can do anything with or to him. In the saddle, he learned he could bully someone before I bought him, and he's gonna try it. Don't let him, and you're fine. Which was completely at odds with his relaxed, lazy demeanor, at that point.

In the ring... he wasn't as snappy as I would have liked but he wasn't being utterly neurotic either, so I was happy. The guys in the auctioneer's booth were trying real hard to get him sold for me, and I really appreciated it. I'm fully aware he's an ugly little cuss, but they were saying things like "You folks are looking out the window on this one.. he's got more training than that... well, look at him!"

Anyway, I didn't get anywhere near the top price of the day but I beat the low price by a lot too, and I was one of the last few to sell. That, combined with all the compliments I was getting on him (some in optimism before I went in the ring, some afterwords in commiseration because they really did believe he should have brought more money than he did) made it a good day.

I happen to know that the guy who bought him does a lot of pony cart stuff, renting out carts and ponies and traveling around doing parades. Since I've said before that if I had a cart I'd hitch Red to it, I can't think of a better place for him, and he'll be kept busy enough that he'll stay settled down.

Anyway, he's not my problem anymore... which makes me smile. I'll smile bigger Monday when I cash the check, though.


Christina LMT said...

No seller's remorse setting in, FarmGirl? ;)

Glad you found a good home for Red, and glad you got something for him, too.

Farmgirl said...

Oh hell no, Christina. I'm glad to be rid of the little sucker... But I'm also glad that he went somewhere I think he's going to do well.

Old NFO said...

Good for you FG! And yes, enjoy cashing the check! :-)

Pawpaw said...

My favorite horse was like that. Fred. If the rider knew his business, Fred was a fine mount. If the rider was adult sized and didn't know his business, Fred would take him on a little run. If you put a child on board, Fred was like a carnival pony, walking around the paddock.

Fred was the best horse I ever sold.