Saturday, April 10, 2010

Quick Update

Working with Red, so far going good. We've had two days of groundwork, which has always been his best point, just to remind him who's boss. Tomorrow we start riding... wish me luck.

Bruises, healing up. Oddly enough, they went yellow and green right away, but are now shading back to the black and blue area of things... go figure. Anyway they're not nearly as sore as they were, and I'm not even thinking about them much. You know you're accident prone when you look at your own leg and suddenly remember that you got stepped on by a horse last week.

Yesterday I got sunburned while I was spinning in circles with a cranky pony (he's working well, but he's still not happy, he's penned and everyone else is out) but thanks to my lucky genetics, I don't often actually get sore when I get burned. Mostly, it itches. Like crazy. I was somewhere between pomegranate and dark lobster yesterday evening, and other than the itching, the worst of it was somewhere along the lines of a scratchy t-shirt tag.

Still, until this one fades and puts another layer on my summer brown, I'll be keeping it covered, because until I get that base tan going good, more sun will just make the burn worse, and it could approach the levels of "so sunburned I can make a dent in my forehead with my finger."

Yes, I have been sunburned bad enough that my face actually swelled up. It still didn't hurt that bad (at least, my face didn't... my legs hadn't seen sun in a couple of years at that point at they were lobster red and very sore,) and I spent a couple of days weirding Farmmom out by making divots in my forehead, and drinking TONS of water and slathering myself in lotion, of course, before the swelling went down.

Anyway, tomorrow is an early morning, so I can get out to work with Red in time to be back before noon... we're having a visitor! I'll try to get a better post up soon, if nothing else another Breed All About It, or if Farmmom will oblige, some training pictures of Red.


bluesun said...

Unfortunately, I have some friends at church who are dermatologists; every time I am around them they warn me about sun damage. They do, however, give me free sunscreen that doesn't feel as goopy as the store bought stuff. Mostly, though, I just wear a wide brimmed hat.

Old NFO said...

Sounds like progress, of a sort... And yeah, dents in foreheads are not cool, much less the itching! Just be glad you're not sunburnt and sleeping on sheets washed in salt water; talk about scratchy...

Crucis said...

Re: the bruising. What you're seeing are the deep bruising that's just now working their way to the surface. It'll all fade sooner or later.

Mrs Crucis and I are heading for a Tea Party Thursday. Forecast is sunny and hot. I expect to be well toasted before the day is over. :-(

Those of us in the krispy brigade must stand...uh, sit together for support.

mustanger said...

I've tended to say be careful of skin cancer. I thought I'd blown it year before last... got out at the saddle club in a short sleeve shirt and got burnt. I was doing okay for a week and a half, then a couple of spots on my arm blistered up and turned nasty in a hurry. But, when I got a biopsy done, it showed up benign. It was still a bit to the scary side for a while though.

Kristophr said...

Aspirin is pretty good at abating sunburn itch.

Take as much as you would for a headache.

mustanger said...

And hope it doesn't give you ulcers.

Shannon said...

coconut oil, the real stuff that smells. You can buy it in jars. It is a must have for sunburns, takes the heat away, and 2 days later its as if you never had a burn. Awesome.
I buy mine at walmart, in the vitamin section.