Tuesday, March 30, 2010

HSUS- You Suck, and We Hate You

The Humane Society of the United States is back at their begging, running commercials with their president speaking oh-so-sincerely about how horrible the animals in the country have it and asking for money. With a hitch in his voice.

Kudos for his acting, actually.

No Kudos for his organization. If you're seeing these commercials and are tempted by the admittedly haunting images to send the organization money, DON'T.

HSUS collects a ton of money, yes. They own shelters, yes.

Here's the important bit though- 75% of donations go to paying salaries within the organization, and those shelters kill most of the animals that walk through their doors, to make room for "more adoptable" animals.

So ignore the over-the-top images (they dug up footage of someone CLUBBING A SEAL!) and the soft-voiced pleading from the president of the organization.

If you want to help unfortunate furry friends, consider the ASPCA, because at least they actually make the attempt to rehabilitate the animals. Granted, some dogs are euthanized when they show behavioral problems such as food aggression or animal aggression, but an effort is made to modify that behavior before the dog is given up on.

Not a fan of the ASPCA? Do some research and find a horse rescue near you. Then do some research on that facility and the people who run it. A little more work in this one as there is no country-wide organization to throw money at, yes, but these days good horse rescues are overwhelmed.

Since the ban of horse slaughter in the country more horses than ever are being neglected, starved, turned loose to fend for themselves, or abused. That's not artfully phrased begging, just the facts.

But please, if you do decide to donate to a horse rescue, do your research.

Because there are those out there who pretend to be a rescue, rather than actually being one. I know one place personally that claims to be a horse rescue but refuses to take any horse that cannot be "re-purposed." Then they charge a decent adoption fee, and the people who own it live quite well.

This is not the sort of place that needs your donations.

So talk to the boss at any place that you're thinking of donating to. Ask questions: What sort of horses do you take? What kind of rehabilitation do you do? What will my money go towards? Can I purchase and donate vet supplies instead? What vet supplies would you suggest I donate?

If they refuse donation of vet supplies, ask them why. If the answer is anything other than "We're very picky about what we use" or "we have an arrangement with a veterinarian" they're probably either not accepting horses that need extra care or they're not GIVING the extra care... also, if they say yes but only ask for wormers and vaccinations, find out WHY they don't accept donations of supplies like antibiotics or anti-inflammatories.

Ask them if there are any other items that you could donate in lieu of money. Places that refuse donations of blankets or leg wraps for any reason other than "we have too many" are a little suspect, to me. If they're spending the money on the care of the animals they should be perfectly happy to receive the items to care for the animals as well.

These points (with minor alterations depending on what kind of animal) can be applied to any animal rescue organization.

And HSUS doesn't even come close.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

After Katrina I sent a contribution to the Humane Society. The cost of printing and postage for solicitation mail I've received from them since then far exceededs my orignal donation. Thanks for putting this information out for others to see.

mustanger said...

IIRC, I read somewhere that HSUS also passes funds on to PETA and ELF and ALF... all of which are eco-terrorists who kill many of the animals they claim they're trying to help.

BTW, one of my parents friends is the crazy cat lady... she's been duped too.

Ambulance Driver said...

I donate to my local shelters only.

PETA and HSUS are, in my mind, extremist wingnut organizations.

PETA's shelters kill something like 98% of the animals brought there.

Old NFO said...

Good post FG- And all true... Many of the "big" organizations no long really care for animals, spending most of the $$ on salary and fund raising... something like .11 cents or less actually goes to support the animals.

Geodkyt said...

HSUS is also against all forms of hunting and commercial livestock.

I seem to recall that they also pass money through to rabidly antigun groups in the guise of supporting fellow travelers in the field of humane reform.

I do know they are trying to get a total ban on all lead shot, and have at least talked about banning all lead-containing ammunition. That's a direct assault on an enumerated civil liberty.

mustanger said...

My observation is the animal rights people are also anti-gun and anti-hunting. Anti-hunters are mostly anti-gun. It's all another communist way of confusing, distracting, and/or harrassing people... if they can't do it with bikinis, they make you feel sorry for animals and get your money for things you don't support.

Oakenheart said...


Required reading. HSUS should be prosecuted for fraud.

Anonymous said...

HSUS is a sham. They take advantage of a name that makes average people think they're supporting their local shelter to collect many millions of dollars to lobby against things like - pet ownership.

I believe that only something like 3% of their funds actually go to directly support animals in need.

For some very good, detailed, up-to-date information on HSUS please visit Humane Watch at: http://humanewatch.org/

Anonymous said...

Go to the US dept of justice website and see how many investigations they have done on HSUS and PETA. There was congressional testimony a few years ago(link no longer available) that stated PETA was one of the top 10 domestic terrorist organizations. Ridht behinf ALF and ELF whom they support financially.