Thursday, December 10, 2009

Scrappy Nibbles aka Rocky Mountain Oysters

At Blogorado I played a practical joke on the attendees. I made some Rocky Mountain Oysters and wouldn't tell folks what they were till they had tried them. The results were quite funny.

Some of the folks there knew exactly what they were eating but others had no clue. Some had a bit of a problem after they found out what they were but admitted that they were tasty. The recipe has been asked for so here ya go everyone. And for those that really had a hard time with the practical joke I apologize. But not very hard.

First things first. Round up a bunch of cattle, sort off the young bulls and cut their nuts off.

If you don't have access to cattle then your local grocery store will be able to get bull fries for you.

If the nuts aren't cleaned make a slice lengthways and peel off the tough outer layer. Then slice the nuts about 1/4 inch thick.

Crush saltine crackers very fine. ( a Magic Bullet or blender works well for this) Add salt, black pepper, and cayenne pepper and a bit of Cumin to the crackers. If you want spicy nuts just add more cayenne.

Coat the nuts in the cracker mixture and deep fry to a deep golden brown. If fried too long they tend to get tough.

A good spicy mustard sauce or Ranch dressing make good dips.



Old NFO said...

Not ANOTHER @$&*() Ranch dip... NOOOOoooo :-)

Farmmom said...

Hey I said you could use a spicy mustard sauce too! :P

Anonymous said...

My dear, I think you've found one of the few things to come out of your mouth to make me queasy.. damn.


Old NFO said...

Oh... didn't read THAT far... ;-)

breda said...

this post requires photos.

Unknown said...

"( a Magic Bullet or blender works well for this)"

My wife's "magic bullet" is not intended as a kitchen appliance!

Mudruck said...

MMMMmmmmm I wish they were still easy to get around here. I havent had any good fried oysters in a number of years. I might have to go back up to the ol' stompin' grounds and see if I can find some.

Miguel said...

So this guy on vacation in Spain goes to a small but very recommended restaurant for supper and asked for the house specialty. The owner says that being Sunday the specialty is Bullfight Rice. The tourists agrees and 30 minutes later he is served this paella-like dish with what it looks like 2 huge meatballs. After he has eaten the exquisite dish, the tourist asks the owner what was the meat in the meatballs and the owner let's him know that it was bull testicles. Although shocked the tourist did enjoy the dish so he asked the owner if the dish was available the next Sunday and the owner said yes. The following Sunday the tourist arrives and asks again for Bullfight Rice but this time he gets served two small "meatballs" when asked why the difference in size, the owners responds ""Sometimes the bull wins."

Diane said...

This reminds me of when I first had chitlins. I didn't know what was in the crock-pot at the Christmas party, I just dipped some up, and they tasted great.. one of the guys started laughing when I asked him what it was, he said "chitlins" had to ask what they were.. kind of grossed out after finding out, but they were darn good.

Anonymous said...

I like them but very hard to get my legs uncrossed when you describe how to slice them.