Monday, November 23, 2009

Chapter Six

Is now available. A couple of notes:

To assist me in getting you what you want, if you need chapters 1-5 please note that on the form with Paypal. Or, alternately, send me an email.

Chapter Six will not include all the previous chapters. I gave the chapters previous to Five as a courtesy, as they were already on the blog. If I give away all of the chapters for a dollar, it's not fair to the people who paid for the previous chapters. So, for Chapter Six, one dollar. For chapters 1-5, one dollar. For Chapter Seven, one dollar.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their donations and support. Ya'll just rock.

Also, not to sound like a money grubber, even though it does, if you like Jane, then tell your friends. More because I love the idea that my story is making people happy than anything.

No really. I enjoyed putting it on the blog, and I'll be putting up a sidebar... somewhere... with the chapters available on the blog for people to preview, if they like, before they buy. But this little drive has demonstrated that people like Jane more than even putting her story here. So thank you all, for thinking that my scribblings are worth it, for the compliment of being willing to pay for them, and for the generosity.

You all rock my socks and I'm reminded every time I see that email telling me someone else donated that there are still fantastic, sweet, caring people in the world. Thank you for that, too.


Rude1 said...

Wow. I'm new here; found your blog in a round about way while reading about Blogorado. So far, I've spent about an hour I should have spent working, cruising around and love, love love your writing! I'm definitely going to spend more time here, cruising your archives. I'm also in CO, and thought I was the only one in BFE CO. I'll check in often ifn ya don't mind!

FarmGirl said...

Come in, sit down, grab a cold drink and enjoy.

If you're into fantasy type novels, check out the links for chapters 1-4 of Jane there on the right.

If you're a fan of down home cooking, I highly recommend Farmmom's recipes, also on the right.

Rude1 said...

Thanks for the invite! Although I confess I started reading Jane earlier. Hopefully I can sit down uninterrupted while in Texas for the turkey holiday!

FarmGirl said...

if you enjoy those four chapters Chapters five and six are available to buy :) just donate one dollar per chapter to my tip jar, and get em in your email.

Yes. I'm being mercenary. But dangit I need a new truck...