Monday, October 12, 2009

Where's The Beef?

At the Old Homestead, of course!

Two weeks ago we dropped off two steers at Duncan Meat Locker. (If you're within hauling distance and have animals that need processing, give them some consideration, the place is well-established, right in down town Lakin KS, very clean, extremely courteous, and they do both beef and pork. They'll even process your deer, all at very reasonable prices for excellent work.*)

Today we picked them up in boxes. Over a thousand pounds of beef, now spread over four households. And for a damn sight cheaper than that much meat would cost in the grocery store, even accounting for the cost to raise the cattle.

Oh, there will be steaks tomorrow night, my friends, there will be steaks.

* I did not receive any compensation from Duncan Meat Locker in cash or other valuable considerations for talking them up on this blog. I simply admire work done well and cheerfully, for a reasonable price.


mustanger said...

My local area has a meat packer too... beef, pork, deer... They're well known around here for their sausage. My Daddy took a deer to them once and some came back as sausage. That was good eatin'.

aepilot_jim said...

It's nice that you remembered your FTC disclaimer. Wouldn't want to get big bother err brother after you... :D

Jeffro said...

That's good to know - Lakin is a heck of a lot closer to me than it is to you! There aren't any places (last I knew) in Garden or Dodge that take game - most were going to Fowler or Ness City.

Jon said...

Mmmmmm. Steak

Old NFO said...

Yum... Can I get a to go order???