Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monster Hunter International!

My copy came in yesterday morning, and yesterday afternoon after mom told me it was in I went down and took it away from Farmdad.

(Grumble my book grumble opening my mail grumble grumble MINE!)

Turned the last page last night only to look up and discover that it was two in the freakin morning!

I could NOT put this book down. Many other bloggers have done reviews and raved about the fast paced action, the love-to-hate monsters and the excellence that is Larry Correia's penchant for detail in his weapons. All of that is fantastic, and they all say it so well, that I'm going to look at another aspect of the book.

This book makes you cheer for the heroes. It reminds me a lot of when I was a kid reading adventure novels, and the heroes of those would get into scrapes and it wouldn't be certain they would get out of them- but they gotta, they just gotta!

For me, this book brought back that feeling of uncertain certainty. The hero must pull through, save the girl, beat up the bad guy, and wind up with something really great for being so darned brave- but will he?

I did spot a couple of typos, but I'm blaming them more on Baen's copy editors than Mr. Correia, because frankly they ought to be better than that.

The writing in the action scenes flows well, and while I could have done with some more vivid descriptors to paint the picture for me, I have a feeling that's more my own penchant for description than any fault of the author.

There are so many many things to love about this book, go out and buy a copy so that Larry will get us MHI:II and the dozen other books he's working on swiftly.

If you'll excuse me now, I'm going to go re-read it before I let Farmdad have it back. Maybe I can distract him for a while with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies....


Billy Sparks said...

Yeah I read the one Correia self-published I cannot wait to start on the Baen published one.

Anonymous said...

HAHA I've got the patch!

A very entertaining book.

Murgy said...


Now, when they fix those errors by the 47th printing, you can say "Mine haz teh typoz!" and sell it for big bucks on FleaBay. :)

As for the other problem, well, mailing yourself articles like "Boundaries: There for a Reason" or "Privacy: It's Not Just For Saturday Mornings" - that would be cruel! :)

Old NFO said...

Well frack... I'm in Hawaii and have NOT been able to find a copy, guess I'll just have to wait until I get home... dammit...

tweell said...

Got mine online from Baen a few days ago. Disadvantages - needs computer to read, slows me down. Advantages - instant gratification, more money to author.
Baen is about the only one that I'll buy online books from, though.

Christina LMT said...

I'm reading it right now. I have also noticed the typos, but typos don't bother me as much as egregious grammar errors, and luckily I've not noticed any of those!

The book is truly awesome, and I'm enjoying every word of it.