Wednesday, March 11, 2009

One day,

Smoke Free!


I feel pretty safe saying it now because I'm one tired cookie and I'm about to go to bed... not much chance to slip in my sleep.

Farmmom is doing great, and so is Mamaw.... Mamaw came up with a very original method of distracting herself and keeping her hands busy...

She's got a Nicotrol inhaler, from a previous attempt to quit... and instead of the nicotine soaked filter thingy, she put a tic tac in the end. So she chews on it, blows through it, and rattles it around to keep herself occupied. It seems to be doing something for her, since she doesn't hardly put it down.

Farmmom held it down two two cigs all day at work, and two or three after she came home.

As she said when I told her I hadn't smoked all day today...

We are all made of Win and Awesome!

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Old NFO said...

Now keep it up! :-) Congrats!