Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Silly, Silly Farmdad

He gave me power tools today. And pneumatic ones too!

Got the rafters re-enforced, and most of the sheeting put up to make the base of the new roof, in the area over the kitchen and bathroom. We were literally one board foot short on our 1X12 stuff to finish the sheeting. Not bad for a guestimate.

I managed not to fall off of my precarious perch (pictures were taken, and may follow, of me a-straddle the wall running the Sawsall) but did put a little more blood and sweat into the house. Caught the web between my thumb and index fingers on a nail and made a nice divot...

Said bad words too... it doesn't look like much of an injury, but it sure hurts like heck.

'Specially when you pour peroxide on it.

I also managed to break the roofing nailer. Not real sure how, but we still had the palm nailer, so we got it done.

Sometimes, for a Farmgirl, the best sound in the world is "pop pop pop popopopopopopopopthunk."

'Specially since it means progress on my house.


Old NFO said...

No blood means you're not working hard enough, so you must be doing something right! Glad to hear it's coming together (literally)!

Farmgirl said...

Yeah hopefully we'll get it all done and gussied up before the end of the year.. it'll be liveable (living room, bedroom, working bathroom) long before then, but I'd like to go ahead and get it *finished* before then.

If we can get the drywall up, I can do the rest of it myself if I have to, except for the electrical, plumbing, and carpet. And with a couple of ten minute lessons I could probably do the electrical (I don't *want* to do the plumbing.)

Then I can decorate and get everything just the way I like it.

Jon said...

No purple medicine, or copper tox? I know, they stain, but they work.

Farm.Dad said...

The only girl i know that can not only double feed a nailgun but make it stovepipe . This am is a " detail strip " to see if i can free up the valve or ram that appears to be stuck . Ahh well its still hobby gunsmithing even if it is a framing nailer lol .