Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Other folks have said many things on this subject, so I'm gonna leave it short and sweet...

Preparedness is not crazy people wearing camo all the time and stockpiling guns and ammo.

Preparedness is "Just In Case."

Just In Case you lose your job.

Just In Case there's a tornado, or a hurricane, or a monster snowstorm.

Just In Case something goes wrong, preparedness is being able to deal with the situation easily, comfortably, and without relying on others that may not be able to get to you, or you to them.

Whether a minor emergency situation (being snowed in with no way to get out) or a major one (hurricane wipes out everything in your area)... It's smart to be at least marginally prepared for the kinds of things that are common to your area.

Wanna know more? Check out Mark's Blogtalk show this Friday. He's having some folks that know a lot more than I do about the subject on.

If I don't catch it the night it's on, I'll definitely be listening to the archived version.... No knowledge is wasted knowledge.

(Seriously? A refund from the power company??? I could handle that!)


Old NFO said...

Agreed! Being prepared is NOT being a survivalist... If that were true, ALL Mormons would be survivalists with their years worth of food and other things. Preparation can and does often take many forms.

Jon said...

After two major hurricanes, I've decided preparedness is a mental attitude. Nobody will take care of you, except you. When you accept this, you're halfway towards being prepared.

Dock said...

You say "stockpiling guns and ammo" like it was a BAD thing. :)

Farm.Dad said...

Plans ?? We dont need plans , we are rednecks with gensets . We understand duct-tape foo as well as baling wire foo . Besides we live in a " Meat rich " environment and have " shelter in place " hovels all over the range we could reasonably get to . We ( a hold over from living in simpler times as well as economy ) buy canned goods by the case lot . Meals here are fixed by what is in the freezer , not what i need to shop for as a rule . We know how to make food from on the hoof animals , as well as how to make flower , or cereal from wheat and other crops , and have the equipment ( left over from my grandparents ) to do it by hand if necessary . We still buy spices in " restaurant " packaging because even " old " garlic , or cyanne is better than none, and if things go protracted its worth its weight ( or double , maby triple ) in ammo . If you think not study salt throe history lol . BTW we buy that by the palate load because we use a course version to feed cattle as a supplement . The sole luxury item that we do not buy bulk is alcohol .