Thursday, March 20, 2008


Well, I'm back at the apartment, back to class tomorrow morning. Diving in head first, too, with Monkey and two of E's horses (one of them being Etta... he won't have anyone but me take care of her if he can help it, he's grown fond of her) to take care of. I don't plan to ride tomorrow, but maybe Saturday or Sunday I'll get back in the saddle.

Last night I actually managed to eat a meal, keilbasa and mac and cheese. Once I skinned the keilbasa, that is. Still, meat is good.

I'm going to make some tuna helper here in a bit.

I've graduated to grownup food, and I've graduated to staying all by myself. I feel like a big kid now!

It's amazing how things like this can make you feel three freaking years old again. I love my family and I could never have made it through this without them (for one thing I wouldn't have remembered to eat for the first two days if it hadn't been for Farmmom) but I am glad to be back at the apartment.

I'm still craving chicken fried steak though. Soon as I think I can eat it I'm hitting the old homestead and begging Farmmom to make it for me. Pleading. Crying, if I have to.

I Wants It.


Christina LMT said...

Just be careful and don't take things too fast.
I haven't had chicken fried steak in YEARS.
I Wants It, Too!

Simeron said...

Well, given I was pretty well laid up a few weeks ago (Sepsis in nasty) I can feel for you feeling like a 3 year old.

Try being 40+ and having to have someone give you a "sponge bath" and similar treatment.

On second thought, just take my word for it. It was beyond embarrassing and I felt so bad for the men and women having to treat me exactly like an infant. sigh

But, at least I'm better now and healing good thank the Lord. You are too, just takes time.


If you do, you end up moving BACKWARDS...which just means that CFS and gravy is going to be that much longer coming.

Have an extra big one for me. I hate diets...sigh.