Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Yeah, Yeah, I Know

I'm fully aware that I reposted the Character Scene. There was a reason for it.

See, Farmmom has been sick as a dog. She finally went to the doctor Monday and they did a bunch of tests, and found out that she has pneumonia and her oxygen levels are low (well no shit sherlock she can't breathe.)

Anyway, she's been going insane being cooped up and not able to do anything, and she needed a pick me up. So I posted one for her. I also sent her a rose and a hedgehog.

Not a live one, she'd kill me if I sent her any more critters. Especially if it couldn't go outside to do its business and she had to clean up after it. It was stuffed, and purple.

Anyway, she's on antibiotics and a fancy inhaler now that makes her high as a kite, but breaks up the crud in her lungs so she can breathe easier. She ought to be on the road to recovery, now.

The assignment this week is a one page short story, and a flash fiction story. The flash fiction has to fit on an index card. So, once I write them, I'll post them for you.

On the subject of Jane.. well, I'm sorry guys but Chapter Three got scrapped. It just wasn't working, so I had to start over.


mustanger said...

Farmmom, I hope you get well quick.

Farmgirl, I'm sure when you do get Jane Chapter 3 ready, it'll be good.

Farmmom said...

Thank you mustanger. I am on the road to recovery. I can actually walk across the room without running out of breath now.