Friday, February 8, 2008

There's A Naked Black Man in My Apartment!!!

So, E came here after his feed crew, and asked if he could borrow my shower. No big deal.

Then he starts telling me about how the speaker for the revival tonight (that he's been planning since the beginning of last semester) is stuck in Denver, after two flight delays and missing his connection, because he can't get a rental car.

So, online to Hertz and reserve a car for the guy, call him and tell him and he's spotted a rental place right next to his hotel, so rather than take a cab back to the airport he's gonna try them first. No biggie, I can cancel the reservation online when we find out what the deal is.

Now, E is in the shower, but before he went he smarted off with "With all the rumors that are already floating around about me being over here, what would they think if they knew I was in your shower!"

His phone is sitting here, and I have orders to answer it if it rings. If it's one of the people from school, I'm going to be very nonchalant and tell them "Oh, he's in the shower right now, I'll tell him you called."

Of course, if he forgets anything here, I'm going to give it back to him very publicly "you left this at my place the other day, you forgot it in the shower."

(Because, of course, there are already rumors floating around, because of one girl who lives in the next building over in the apartment complex asking everyone "what's going on" between me and E because his truck is over here "all the time.")

He said he'd make sure to take his underwear with him when he left.



mustanger said...

It's none of their business, so fill 'em full. It's not lyin'; it's psychological warfare. I generally like to see the looks on peoples' faces after they've been gossiping like that. It's funny how folks will look shocked by what they thought they already knew.

HollyB said...

You injured voice on/ Godless Whore\ injured voice off
Now before you, or the Farm 'rents get upset, this is a term that PhlegmFatale and I use in teasing and is only used to connote a woman we hold in high esteem because of her wicked sense of humor, outrageous behavior, and total lack of concern for the opinions of gossips and other subhumans.
Welcome to our World!

phlegmfatale said...

I think you should festoon one of your lampshades with a swaglike flourish of E's underwear-- it'd be festive!

phlegmfatale said...

oh yeah, and
You Godless Whore!