Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Superglue and Puzzles...

I've done some puzzles in my day. I've even done a couple of those 3-D suckers, and they were fun.

However, the most convoluted puzzles are the ones that you have to figure out when you break something.

Mamaw sent a blender with me, because she doesn't use it and I was whining about not having one to make margaritas with for New Years.

I was putting it away when I dropped the base. At least it wasn't the pitcher.

It broke the back of the casing, down into the recess where the pitcher sits, but I tested it and it still runs.

So, I'm trying to glue it all back together, but the way it broke, the pieces all have to go inside and under, and it's a bit frustrating. I had to break out two pieces that I had glued in because I didn't have enough room to get another piece in.

My fingers are covered in superglue.

But, I have a tequila and Dr Pepper that I'm sipping my way through as I work on it. And, back episodes of ER on the DVR.

When I'm finished, or when I get everything done that I can without having to let the glue dry overnight, I'm going to go take a nice hot shower and use the lavender Egyptian Cotton towels that Mamaw bought me, put on my silk pajamas, and curl up with the remote and the rest of my shows.

Tomorrow, I'll clean and prepare for having anywhere from two to four guests for New Year's Eve. In a one bedroom apartment.

Whoever gets here first gets to claim the couch. Everyone else can paper rock scissors for which stretch of floor they want... I might wind up with someone on the floor of my bedroom.... A couple of the guys are big boys, and there really isn't that much floor space.

Guess I'll have to put away the whips, chains, and body oils......


Farmmom said...

Don't tell me you're going to put the trapeze away too??!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, come now, as a felow of various interests myself, such things make wonderful conversation topics, much more so when intoxicated! don't let me down now dear ;)

Dante_C said...

Pop fact ... if your superglue is anything like ours then it is weakest in shear ... so if you stick your fingers (well finger and thumb) together try sliding them apart sideways instead of just pulling them apart.

Yes I have glued myself deliberately to try this ...

Anonymous said...

I'm reminded of something I read somewhere... you know you're horse people when the spurs and riding crop in your vehicle don't seem kinky. Don't ask me where a trapeze fits in.***shrug***