Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Relaxing Night At Home

So, since I have a few more minutes than I thought I would in between holidays, I thought I'd let ya'll know that I've survived the first portion, quite well.

I got a lot of great stuff from the family, all of which I love, and most of which I needed or wanted in the first place. The other stuff was stuff I didn't know I needed or wanted, until I got it. Although my family obviously thinks I'm a lush, I got a wine rack with four wineglasses (which jacks up the elegance of my apartment about four notches, as long as you don't pay any attention to the styrofoam plates on top of the microwave next to it...) and a margarita pitcher and set of four glasses. Plus a bottle of wine to toast the New Year with, although I've got the bottle of homemade strawberry wine that one of my friends and her husband made and gave to me last year in the rack now.

The battle between Farmmom and Farmdad over the new spiffy Olympus camera was highly entertaining (I told you to open that package, Farmmom!!!) and as soon as somebody emails them to me I'll post the best holiday picture (and future blackmail picture) of the year. (Hint, hint.)

Other than that, I'm just having a nice chilled out evening, company coming in Friday, and I have no idea when E is going to get here... He's hoping to be here by Sunday. We'll see.

I'm doing my best to stay far far away from stores until the after Christmas sale rush is over, because frankly I don't want anything that I can afford badly enough to brave that crap.


HollyB said...

I felt sorry for this poor little post with no comments, sniff, sniff.

Sounds like you had a GRRRReat Christmas. I'm glad to hear that.
I'm with you on avoiding the after CHristmas sales. I'll wait until January, then stuff will be REALLY marked down, they will be DESPERATE to get rid of stuff with "holly" on it and I can get a Lot of personalized thing real cheap!
My Mama may raise 'em fat, but she don't raise 'em stoopid!

mustanger said...

Good to hear you're not going through having to return stuff. BDTD.

Dec. 31's the day they really hafta get rid of stuff... if they don't, they hafta pay taxes on it. The way I understand it, you can get stuff marked down near cost, if not at cost.

I don't like getting in those crowds either. WalMart crowds are terrible around here. Course, my gun dealer's crowds haven't looked bad... about like the rest of the year.

I wonder what kind of sales my feed/western dealers are having this week.