Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I should explain.

I re-read that last post and I realized that some of you out there may not have any clear idea of why I'm so touchy.

Maybe you've never seen withdrawals, or maybe it's never been clear for you, or maybe you just don't give a crap but typing this keeps my hands busy so sit down, shut up and bear with me until I'm done.

Nicotine withdrawals are relatively mild, don't get me wrong. Nicotine withdrawals don't make you physically ill, the way, say, heroin does. At least not to the fever, nausea, just-kill-me-now point.

However, I'm only a few hours into complete nicotine withdrawal, and I know the symptoms from previous attempts. Most of them, for me, are psychological.

I'm jumpy, I'm nervous, I'm paranoid and suspicious of everything, my mind keeps popping up images of cigarettes to taunt me with and I can't focus for crap.

Meanwhile my hands tremble whenever a craving hits, I get slightly light headed on occasion and I find myself wanting to punch something roughly every five seconds. If I were a cat I'd be the one that follows people around mewing piteously until they try to pet it, whereupon it turns and rips their arms to shreds, only to resume mewing piteously and not understanding why they chase it with pitchforks.

The worst part is, I know that all of these are irrational responses, that I don't really need the nicotine to be a happy person, blah blah blah, all of the usual crap. I know all of that.

Which only makes me more frustrated when I can't control them. Which makes me want a cigarette to calm down. Which starts the whole thing over again, only worse.

And all of this means that every time someone invades my personal space bubble in a way I can't ignore, I want to squeeze their heads like a pimple until gray matter shoots out the top and I get to fingerpaint with it!

No, really. That's what my brain wants me to do, just in case the adrenaline rush of running from the cops in some way resembled the light headed dizzy rush I'd get if I had a cigarette right now.

So, now you may have a better insight into nicotine withdrawals, or maybe I'll read this in a week and go "wtf was I thinking?!?"

We'll see.


mustanger said...

Farmgirl, It sounds to me like you need a punching bag and gloves in your apartment. Then you could wear off the excess energy. You said you feel like hitting something. ***shrug***

Farmgirl said...

Unfortunately for both your suggestion and that of Hypnotist dude, I have no money for those things. There's a distinct lack of ready cash in my world, which is pretty much the reason I'm quitting smoking in the first place.

Besides, if I had something to hit that wouldn't cause physical or emotional harm, I'd have the urge to do something else. That's kind of the cause of withdrawals... the urge to do something that you can't, or won't. If I give in to the urge to hit something, it will bring me one step closer to giving in to the urge to smoke.

Ranting on the blog is actually the only outlet I'm allowing myself, because it's essentially non-violent and forces me to think at least semi-coherently. Everything else I'm doing, the crochet, compulsive cleaning, pacing, gnawing on my cuticles, it's all distraction, not outlet.

OK Katrina said...

"squeeze their heads like a pimple until gray matter shoots out the top and I get to fingerpaint with it!"