Thursday, November 15, 2007


Saw Del today (the head of the ag program as a whole, I love my small college!) about getting my schedule lined out for next semester.

As it stands I have nineteen credit hours for next semester, although I may wind up with only sixteen.

See, I have to have Eng 115- Technical English and Composition (memos, business letters, etc) except that I wheedled my way into an increase in my allowable credit hours so that I can take Creative Writing next semester. Once that was done, Del basically said "Whoops! You don't have to take 115, the other class will fulfill your English Requirement."

So I have a choice, take 115 (the name of the course is too much to keep typing out) and Creative Writing (which I really want) and have a class more than I did this semester, and in 115 we'd be doing the same kind of things that we did in "careers" class in high school, from what I can tell, or I can drop 115 and only have an early morning class on Monday and Wednesday.

If I keep it, one of the English classes counts as an elective towards my degree, and if I drop it I can take something else for an elective next year.

Regardless of what I decide on that, I've got Equine Evaluation, Equine Reproduction, Ag Finance (blech), the Creative Writing, and my barn classes.

I'm sure I could handle the course load with both English classes, but on the other hand, why push if I don't have to? Having a couple more days that I can take it easy in the mornings (spring semester morning classes start at 7:45) would be nice, I wouldn't have class on Tuesday and Thursday until eleven.

Also, Mondays and Wednesdays I have four classes in one day, it might be nice to have the time to do homework on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Things to ponder, anyway.


Simian said...

I just took 18 hours last quarter, which is 2 more credits than a full load. It sucked. I'd say to take the lighter load. Plus, having Tuesdays and Thursdays for homework is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I'd say go for the lighter load - you really don't want to take an extra english class if you can help it, especially if it's similar to one in HS. Take something you'll enjoy.

William the Coroner said...

FFS--take the lighter load. Do the homework. Besides, it strikes me that you know what you're doing, writing-wise.

Farmgirl said...

Well, everyone seems to be voting for the lighter load, lol.

Simian- At my college 18 is the standard maximum, I had sixteen this semester and it wasn't too hard, I had time to chill out.

William- The instructor for the creative writing class is fantastic, and I know that I have a lot to learn about writing. Plus, that class is going to be my fun class for the semester... this semester it was Lit.

Anonymous said...

18 was the standard credit load at my college as well. One semester I took 19 credits to get two math classes in (my degree was in engineering). I figured, no big deal, just one extra credit, in something I liked besides, but oh man, I'm telling you - 19 credits is no fun at all. Same thing my brother would tell you too. He took 19 credits one semester, and says that is just too much. It don't seem like it, but you'll find out that it is. I'd recommend the lighter load.

simian said...

Yeah, it may have something to do with the whole engineering thing. My classes are rather time-consuming, but not that hard. All that math can take a very long time, even though I enjoy it and find it on the easier side, but writing can also be time consuming. Still, its good to have a fun class in there.