Sunday, October 21, 2007


The pictures of the buried tractor have arrived! There are better pictures of E digging it out, but lacking his permission to post his face on this blog, I've used only those that don't show it, which is really a shame, my favorite pic out of all of them shows his face, and his expression is what makes it so fantastic. Anyway, here are the pics ya'll have been waiting for!

This baby is stuck!

"Start digging, and keep digging."

"Get in there and dig out the frame, or it's gonna stay right where it is...."

They did manage to get that puppy popped out yesterday morning, and there's a big 'ol hole where it was.

Edit: Upon consulting with E, he gave me permission to post his picture, so here's my favorite one!


Dan O. said...

I'm no expert but, there's a big hydraulic powered bucket on the front that could possibly been of some help to assist in pushing the tractor out. Better hydraulic power than back power!

Just a suggestion for any of Digger's or other's later quandaries with the "heavy" equipment.

Farmgirl said...

The stuff in front of the tractor was soft enough that the bucket was no use whatsoever, we tried that.