Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Good Calves Days/Bad Calves Days

I appear to be some kind of weirdo, who cares more about whether she's having a "good calf day" than a good hair day.

Hair? Who cares? I just pull it up in a pony tail and throw a hat on over it anyway.

(When Best Friend was doing my hair, we'd finished the dye job before I had to go do my feed crew duties, but hadn't gotten the cut yet, so, at her threats to life and limb, I left it down, and went without my hat. This garnered a "Holy crap! I didn't recognize you!" from a couple of class mates that see me every day. No, really. Every, single, day. We sit by each other in one class, talk about our horses, they've been to my apartment, and they didn't recognize me with my hair down. Tells ya somethin' don't it?)

But, on two concurrent days, I can wear the same brand, style, and size of socks... even from the same danged package... and one day they'll be annoying as crap, sliding down and driving me bonkers with my boots rubbing on my legs, while the next they could be superglued to my calves, like proper socks.

Good Calves Days, and Bad Calves Days.

I have to be the only person in the entire world who thinks of these things.

I wonder if I could get a set of those sock suspender thingies that men used to wear?


Fyremandoug said...

I understand exactly what you mean thats why I went from a slip on to these

they are so much nicer on the calves than a slip on

GeorgeH said...

Yes, you can, ask anyone in ROTC where to get them locally.

They attach your socks to your shirt tails with elastic. I still use them when I wear a suit or tuxedo with suspenders. You can stand up and suck the gut in and your socks come up, your shirt tail tucks itself neatly in and you pants come back up to the correct ride all by themselves.

Farm.Dad said...

Hmm would that work with a full blown tactical stapler ( h&k p7 ) or only on lightweight pistols on the waistband ... say such as the kahr p line or kel-tek ?

Anonymous said...

FWIW, Farmgirl, I don't wear any boot *but* a slip on type. I generally wear Wolverine's work socks... the white ones in the four-pack. Some days they're right where they're supposed to be. Some days... like you said. And I've never met a pair of boots that wouldn't eat socks. Not even lacers back when I wore those. Nope, you're not the only one in the world that thinks of this stuff.


Aegis said...

Speaking of ROTC, when I was Navy ROTC, I found it easiest to go to the online Navy uniform shop and order them there, rather than hunting around town for a place that sold them. Just look for "shirt stays." They should be easy to find on any online uniform shop.