Sunday, September 2, 2007


I'm sitting here staring at my Lit paper, trying to figure out how to pad it with another two or three hundred words or so, and listening to some tunes (of the young blood variety, hip-hop & R&B... hey, even hick girls are allowed to appreciate a good beat! :P ) and thinking about anything but what I should be thinking about.

Which, by the way, is the use of dramatic emphasis to create an atmosphere for the reader in two of the cracked-out stories that we're allowed to take from... and my paper is supposed to be longer than one of the stories I'm using is.

Oh, and I'm kicked back with the laptop and a beer, feet up on my desk and all comfy.

Sometimes I love being over twenty one...

There's a nice slow rain outside, with just a small breeze... which, once I turned the music down and realized it was raining, caused me to slip into some tenny runners and bolt outside to roll the windows on my car up... Got some funny looks from the moms-with-tots contingent of the complex, apparently they all decided to take the kiddies out to enjoy the rain under the picnic pagoda thingy, and I didn't bother to throw a t-shirt on over my sports bra and "athletic pants."

Well... I'm more covered than I would be in a swimsuit and I've seen them sunbathing on the lawns, so I don't really care what they think.

But, it's all good. I've got comfy seating, blogs to browse, future posts to ponder on, and things to keep my mind occupied.

All in all... it's a pretty nice Sunday afternoon....


Murphy said...

Hmm... rain, running, and sporty type clothes? I'm glad you're over 21 as well.

farmgirl said...

Roll that tongue back up, Murph. :P

Holly said...

Well, I just finished catching up on my reading. Sounds like you're keepin' busy makin' friends, influencin' people and train' Buddy. Although I like Sumbuck a LOT better.
As far as cussin' in a foreign language...have you thought about going over to the bldg. where they teach languages on your campus and posting a notice offering to trade horse rides for lessons in whatever language you decide you want to cuss in? Once Buddy is better mannered, of course, or just stipulate that the rides have to be later in the semester.
BTW, I LOVED how you dealt w/ the Bible thumpers...I used to tell them I was a Druid. That generally did the trick, well, that and the shot up silhoutte target in the front window.
Oh, and you're not weird for being proud of your bruises. My Angel Baby Girl plays co-ed hockey. She shows off her bruises, too.
Keep up the good work, FG.

Anonymous said...

Farmgirl, Regarding them sunbathing and then giving you the goofy looks, all I can say is "people are strange".

As to the Bible thumpers, it's too early to ask if they've been back. Are you gonna let us know if they do come back around?


Anonymous said...

"'s too early to ask if they've been back."

I got to thinking about that... no, it's not too early. I only thought of it that way because it's not Friday yet.