Saturday, September 29, 2007


I feel good today, it's not even nine yet and I've already accomplished things.

Thing number 1: Tomorrow E and I will be going to visit the ponies at home, to introduce E to Mamaw's filly, Etta. Upon the realization of everything that I don't know and how good E is with our equine friends, I talked to Mamaw about letting E take Etta through the program. Mamaw agreed, and E is happy that he'll know what he's getting next semester. I think he'll be even happier when he sees her, she's a pretty little thing.

Thing number 2: E will be coming home with me when it's time to move cattle again, and helping. We're going to be trailing them a couple of miles to where we have good corrals to load out of, and E is all excited that he gets to help with a real life cattle drive.

Thing number 3: The reason E and I aren't going to see Etta today is that he and another of the students had already made plans to make a trip to the tack store. So, I asked E to pick me up a nose band and tie down, and I'll pay him back. That way I can return Marilyn's.

All in all, I'd say it's been a productive day already. Now to work on the Lit paper.


Farmmom said...

Good deal.... will look forward to seeing you and E tomorrow. i will be somewhere in the TCS truck on site. Just hollar at me when ya get there.

Christina said...

Don't you get a nice little glow of satisfaction when you have a day like that?
They have to make up for days when Murphy rules!

Anonymous said...

Thing number 1: I'd say this is one of those times when it's a very good thing to know/have someone you trust to work with your horse. Good luck and a good time to E in working with your grandmother's filly.

Thing number 2: Is it me or can that turn into a long couple of miles? It's a product of where I live that we *don't* get to have cattle drives. (We do have two or three wagon trains a year, but it's a big difference... big drinking party, mostly.) So about all I get to do is read about drives in Western Horseman. So another wish of good luck and much enjoyment to E.

Thing number 3: My friend who owns the tack shop I work with... we were set up to sell at the 4H horse show yesterday and she was observing that about the tiedown and noseband being sold separately. She said she don't understand why because they don't work as a tiedown by themselves. Things that must go together to function aren't shipped/sold together... another of Murphy's rules. My friend orders the noseband and tiedown separately and sells them with a unit price.