Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Work in Progress

So, I'm sitting here working on the story of the road construction accident, which I'm making pretty hairy, and I take a pause to go back and read what I've got, check my tenses, etc. I have a bad habit of changing tenses from past to present when I'm writing something "exciting" so to speak, so I have to go back and check every once in a while.

Then I look at my page count. Times New Roman 12pt font, single spaced. Eleven pages so far.

And I'm not even half done, yet.

I may give this one to you guys in chapters, rather than dump the whole thing on you at once.

I'll see if I can't find a place to put a chapter break and do final revisions and post the first bit tonight.

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Anonymous said...

If this is such a big work... I wonder how marketable a story setting like your's would be... you might want to become a published author. Just a thought.

I know this isn't exactly appropriate for this thread, but I just came back over here from BabsRN's blog where I saw your comments on the botulism recall. I would've posted my two observations over there, but I don't have a blogger account.

1- My Grandmama (on Daddy's side) canned when I was real little and Grandpa had a *big* garden back then, but my sister and I didn't get to learn. I really don't know why other than maybe they thought it wasn't important that a kid should learn that right then. And at 4-5yrs, I was curious to know all that.

2- There are deer right behind my house regularly and this area is where I hunt. While I too have a 9mm, handgun hunting for deer is the realm of .357mag and .44mag and I have that covered too. If you absolutely have to shoot a deer with a 9mm handgun to eat and survive, I'd hate to be your enemy. And you're not the only one who would by a long shot.