Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Short break from the story...

Couple of interesting things, tonight.

Number one, the complex manager's husband... not so bright about computer things. He's smart enough to set up a wireless network but not smart enough to secure it (theirs is the connection I've been sponging off of.) He caught me tonight and warned me not to "network in" to the internet connection. I thought he was telling me my days of free internet were over.

Nope, he was telling me that he didn't mind me borrowing the internet, but I shouldn't connect to his network to do it.


Turns out I'd forgotten to change the fileshare settings on a couple of folders relating to the ringtones I've made for my phone and Farmmom's. He got into those folders, and decided that because he could do that, my computer was "unsecure."

Technically, he was right, but not for the reason he thought.

See... you can't get onto a wireless internet connection without connecting to the network its on. BUT... my stuff was "unsecure" because I had left the sharing properties wide open on it.

Ahh well his lack of computer savvy is my gain. When I got inside I changed the sharing protocols and my computer informed me that there was a user currently viewing those folders... so I shut him off. See what he makes of that.

He'll probably decide I'm a hacker, or something. Pfft, if I was, I'd crack into one of the two other wireless networks in the building. They've got better signal strength. But THEIR owners are smart enough to secure their networks.

And two... I got a borrowed DVD player today whilst I was in the hometown for my Nephew's birthday party.

One problem. My TV is dead.

It turns on, but it won't even change the quality of the static when you fiddle with the connections to the DVD player.

That sucks.

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