Sunday, August 12, 2007


I have books!

I have $308.54 worth of books. Thank goodness for financial aid.

And two of them are going to be excellent references even after I graduate, so bonus there.

I also got my student ID fixed, since they didn't have a line halfway down the hall for the registration process, I just popped in, explained to them what the problem was, and they fixed it right up for me.

They seemed surprised that I wasn't more upset about it, and that I hadn't run right back in and demanded that they fix it yesterday. I got grateful smiles all around when I thanked them and told everyone to have a nice day on my way out.

Makes me wonder what kind of spoiled brats they've been dealing with. I guess I'll find out tomorrow.


Shane said...

If it makes you feel any better, my engineering degree (and subsequent purchases) have netted me an engineering library of over $10000 worth.

Murphy said...

Bah, college life. been there, done that (actually, one might argue that it did me), got the t-shirt. The whole process of getting financially raked over the coals only convinced me that I should get into the book business for future collegians.

farmgirl said...

My book needs for my classes aren't that high. Thankfully.

Also thankfully, the government took one look at my FAFSA form and said "HOLY CRAP! You're POOR!" and gave me enough to cover my tuition and fees and such. That plus a small Stafford loan to help out with the living expenses and a work study, and I'm sitting fairly pretty on the financial department.

Anonymous said...

"Makes me wonder what kind of spoiled brats they've been dealing with. I guess I'll find out tomorrow."

Well, I was in college for a couple of semesters... that was three years ago. What I saw was a bunch of snooty kids who lack any common courtesy. If I held a door, most didn't say "thank you" and almost nobody even touched the door. Contrast that with everyday life... I've griped some before about the door issue, but in the general population, some people will surprise you and either take the door and thank you, or smile and thank you. But those college kids? Yeah, right.


farmgirl said...

I always try to throw at least a smile and a nod at anyone holding a door for me. Just acknowledge that they're doing something nice.

Most of the time I say thank you, as well.

Anonymous said...

A smile and a kind word for those admin. types will stand you in good stead when you REALLY do need help with something


Drew said...

As someone who has to make ID cards, issue parking permits, provide information, and enforce rules, I can tell you that anyone who comes in without screaming at me about how much they pay for tuition and how they shouldn't have to deal with [insert minor problem here]...well, anyone who doesn't scream is a godsend.
As for the cost of books, English and political science both have books far cheaper than engineering, so I was lucky there. Still held two jobs (or more) at a time while taking a full load of classes, since the FAFSA folks seemed to think I wouldn't need grants or such, but I made it through. I just need quit working at the damned college so I can avoid college kids...

Gabby Silver said...

Very very tired ones.