Monday, August 6, 2007

Ahh the wonders....

Of an unsecured wireless network. Not the world's strongest signal but hey, its better than nothing at all till I can get my internet hooked up right? Right.

Got everything moved, although for a second there I was beginning to worry that we wouldn't. Major furniture is in place and I'm working on unpacking kitchen stuff. Coffee mugs are washed and in the dish drainer as I write this, they'll dry soon enough and I'll put them away, and start on the dishes and bowls. In between I'll unpack other things.

I'm seriously considering walking around naked, later. Just because I can.

Get at least the dishes put away, and get the bathroom cleaned and the bed made, and I may call it a night. Or I may still be wound up and keep going.

The Farm Parents and Mamaw went home, Farmdad and Mamaw will be back tomorrow, bringing the all-important coffee maker with them. We forgot it. Its a miracle that I didn't forget more stuff, with a move as crazy as this one.

Back to unpacking, I have a lot to do.


jon said...

Yikes! No coffee? I'd have to make it like the cowboys did. Boil it in a pan, place a pinch of salt to help it settle and pour it off the top.

farmgirl said...

I can live with hot tea for one morning. I'll have my coffeemaker today.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a microwave?

microwave + Taster's Choice (red can) instant = hot coffee fast