Friday, July 20, 2007


I don't claim photography as a hobby because I just don't get enough time to make it into a regular hobby, but it is one of those things that I do once in a while, and occasionally I get lucky and get some pics that I really like.

In lieu of a real post, I decided to share some of them with ya'll. These were taken out at the Hole, and are some of my favorites of all of them that I've taken recently.

Have I mentioned that I love my digital camera and HP Photo Printer?


Anonymous said...

Very nice photos.

Seems like every time I see something I'd like to photograph, I don't have my camera.

I see the second and third shots seem to be black&white. I didn't know digital cameras had that capability.


farmgirl said...

I can get black & white, sepia tones, red tones, blue tones, or green tones on my camera, but I generally don't bother trying to set that when I get to taking pictures... Those were originally taken in color, but the fabulous thing about digital photos is that you can tweak them later.
It helps that I have a photo program that will turn them black and white and give me a choice of what range I want, and still maintain the integrity of the picture.

DW said...

The black and white pictures are the most contrast intensive and interesting. I'm old school and used to have my own dark room, had some real fun with the film in there. I learned a lot about the real pictures. Play more and get close with the black and white. The shadows and highlites will show you things that will mesmerize you.
I look forward to your new posts, write as you are inspired, the difference is tangible.