Friday, October 12, 2007

Shoot Him First. No really....

In my lit class, in the back corner of the room, there sits a guy that is the poster child for the "I want to be a lone wolf, and so do my friends" movement.

He's also the type to think he knows everything because he spends all of his free time in his parents' basement studying and eating ho-ho's.

Usually I can blow off his attitude that he's always right, because he doesn't point it at me often. He's tried it a few times, and hasn't been able to support his theory as well as I could, which of course made him feel insecure and doubt himself, which made him run home and eat more ho-ho's.

I really don't like this twerp, in case you hadn't noticed.

Meanwhile, yesterday we were discussing our next paper, (character analysis) and the one after that, which is supposed to be a literary argument, but which has been changed, thanks to the instructor, to a paper about a banned book, play, or poem.

I'm all for this, I despise the practice of banning something. If an elementary or high school feels something isn't appropriate, yes, they have the right to not have it on their library shelves or in their classrooms. But don't tell students that they can't read it. I see a difference between a school choosing not to have something in the library, and a school "banning" something. Mostly it's a difference in attitude. If a school chooses not to teach a book in a classroom, or put it in the library, that's an educational decision that the people who run the school have the right to make. "Banning" something, however, is an attempt to intimidate students into ignoring the work. If I carry a "Banned" book onto a campus, elementary, high school, or college, will they kick me out? If I give my nephew a banned book to read when he's in high school, and he reads it at school, will he receive disciplinary action? It's possible. Some people are so touchy about the smallest crap that they don't even want their children seeing the covers of these "inappropriate" books.

And colleges banning things is just stupid, we're all legally adults, even if some of the students don't act like it. Allow us to make our own decisions. And if someone gets offended by a book? Well, here's a hint... don't read that book again! If you really feel strongly about it, don't read that author anymore! Then you won't be offended!

But I digress, we were discussing this, and by extension the movie ratings system, which led to a discussion of violence and video games, which led, inevitably, school shootings and Virginia Tech.

This conversation followed the subject of VT being raised. The other participant is the chunky young man with the smarter-than-you attitude I mentioned at the beginning of the post (see, there WAS a point to that!)

I'm Smarter Than You Are: "Virginia Tech is just another example of how video games de-sensitize people to violence. Without the video games, he wouldn't have known how to do it, and he wouldn't have had the guts to do it."

Farmgirl: "Are you shitting me? This dude was bug fuckin nuts long before he ever started playing Counterstrike. Did you even know what game he played? Dude had a god complex, and a persecution complex. The game gave him a framework, but if he hadn't played that game he would have based his little fantasy world around a movie, or a book. The real problem with Virginia Tech was the victim mentality. One person fought back, and barred the door. It was an old man, a holocaust survivor. Everyone else just laid down to die, instead of fighting back"

ISTYA: "It wouldn't have changed anything if they had fought back, he had a gun. He wasn't going to stop shooting people because someone hit him."

FG: "Oh, give me a break. The guy had this mental defect that he was unstoppable, untouchable, if someone would have jumped his ass in the hallway while he was reloading, it would have shattered his little fantasy. Not to mention they could have taken the guns away from him, and it would have been stopped, right there."

ISTYA: "The police were on the way. They did what they were supposed to do."

FG: "So they were supposed to allow themselves to be killed?? Instead of taking a stand for their own personal safety, wait for help to arrive who knows when? You're all about taking a stand for intellectual freedom, and you're throwing around buzzwords like thoughtcrime, and censorship. How's this for a thought crime: Our country, and our youth, has been conditioned not to defend themselves. People die every day because they're so brainwashed with "don't hit, Timmy, it's not nice, even when they hit you first" that they can't even conceive of the fact that they have a right, and a responsibility to do everything they can to defend their own life and well being. Women are raped because it's not lady like to hit, or scratch. You want to stand up for your rights? Don't pick the ones that are convenient for you, it's all or nothing."

ISTYA: "So you're saying we should charge an armed man, if he walks through that door right now."

FG: "I'm saying that everyone should defend themselves to the best of their ability, as much as the circumstances allow. I'm saying that no one should just lay down and die because some nutjob decided they should."

ISTYA: "Well, I'm not going to charge an armed man. I would try to talk to him."

FG: "Tell me something, were you born without balls, or were they removed surgically?"

The instructor changed the subject, after that.....

When we were walking out of class, he started muttering under his breath as he was walking behind me. I caught the words "gun nut" and simply turned around, looked him in the eye, and called him a pansy.

I don't think he likes me much.....


Stephen said...

Well done, very well done. Good for you. Should have kicked him in the knee.

Pop said...

Good for you! I like the way you think, sometimes.

David said...

Very nice. :) And yea kicking him in the knee works. Can't kick a man in the balls if he has none.

LawDog said...

Very good. Very, very good.

Mark said...

the MSM and the educational system is not training or teaching us to be productive members of society, they are training us to be sheep for the slaughter ie: sheeple.

Shane said...

We need more women like you in the world.

Shane said...

And at the Universities!

Horse prof said...

I love it! I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall... good to know some people have some common sense!

Chris in SE TX said...

Farmgirl, that was AWESOME!!!!

I loved your question about his nuts!

Seriously, the conditioning you've mentioned is a big problem. Sometimes, when I'm in my paranoid state (hey, growing up behind the Iron Curtain WILL get you paranoid), I wonder if the making a whole generation into powerless victims isn't on purpose.

The children today are taught that ALL violence is bad. Defending yourself is bad. You should call SOMEONE (police, security) to help you. You should allow authorities to inspect your belongings, be it at the airport, hospital (metal detectors), school (lockers, cars, backpacks)

When this generation grows up, they will not think anything about being searched, steered blindly like cattle and sure as Hell will not have what it takes to inflict violence to protect themselves. Be it from criminals, OR the government.

I've also noticed during both Katrina and Rita (especially Rita, since it hit us), how we were told to follow the government's instructions as to WHEN and HOW to evacuate. You see, we are not smart enough to figure out when to leave, or which route to take, or where our final destination should be. If you got on Hwy 59 or I-10, you pretty much gave up control over your life. You were not allowed to exit, until someone decided which shelter to direct you to. It was a cluster fuck. And then they wonder why some people won't evacuate next time.

On one of the blogs I've read someone's account of a "discussion" with a Canadian who opposed violence and stated that he would never use violence to protect himself or someone else "because it's wrong".

A question was bluntly fronted "what if you came home and someone was raping your wife or sister? Then what would you do?"

His answer:

"I would call the police and WAIT UNTIL HE FINISHED"

WTF ?????

Canada has been leading the way in "violence is wrong" mentality for quite a while. Is this what is going to happen TO US????

If it does, then God help me, I'm moving to Iraq or Afganistan, where at least people still have the guts to fight for their beliefs, screwed up as they may be....

I don't want to be a sheep, nor do I really want to live among nothing but sheep.....

We are telling our daughter that if someone fucks with her, or especially hits her, we will stand behind her if she defends herself, regardless what the school's policy says. How dare they take a person's right to self defense away from them???



I am going to rent me some cartoons about fuzzy bunnies hopping around and pretend I'm a Liberal now.....

Anonymous said...

Farmgirl, I know we've discussed this before about the VT shooting and tactics... what I thought of is I'll charge the guy head-on and keep him occupied while you do the low level flanking maneuver to take out his knees and castrate him. Difference is I may not charge, in which case I'll have at least three slugs in him by the time I've closed half the distance and before you get your knife out.

As for Smarter-Than-Thou, remember LawDog's commie repelant... if you're not already wearing a Stetson at least part-time, you might want to start. hehe Seriously though, I don't know what it is with those so-called "enlightened" people, but I'm with you about not dying just because somebody else says so. I'm reminded of something Ted Nugent put into words though about how pathetic it is to go into the world without the tools, and more importantly the mindset, to survive. What's Smarter-Than-Thou gonna do when his time comes? Those who wait until all the cards are on the table to decide they don't want to go out that way... seems to me they run a much higher risk of not making it.


Snap said...

You, are my kind of woman. Now, would you mind educating the rest of the young female population of America in these matters? You can start with my ex-girlfriends. Please?

Digital Falcon said...

Bravo, and well said. I fear for this jackass's children, may they cower in peace.

Dan O. said...

That empty-scrotum loser is exactly what's wrong with this country. He's the type who believe defending our country against terrorists is wrong because the "terrorists have families too". Huh? and WTF?

Don't know how people like this, seemingly born with absolutely no logical thinking skills, even manage to make it through adulthood.

Imagine what THEIR children will be like. And grandchildren. Each generation's mind deteriorating further and further from self reliance. Always depending on someone else to do the defending and then complaining about how, when and where that defending occurs.