Thursday, October 11, 2007

Move the box? No big deal....

Or not. Went to move Pixel cat and the kittens to the bathroom to shampoo under the head of the bed... got the box set down in the bathroom, and before I could even stand back up, she had one of the kittens and was out of the box and under the bed. Once I took the box back into the bedroom, she was fine with me putting the kitten back in the box, and hopped right back in herself.

Spaz cat. So, I wiggled stuff around until I could get the shampooer in, with the bed right against the box and other stuff in the room, and Pixel glaring at me and half way panicky with the shampooer running near her babies... but she stayed in the box, so I guess it was a win win situation.

I've never seen a cat growl while it was carrying it's own kitten, but she gave me the clearest "go to hell" look ever as she stalked away with the kitten in her mouth, grumbling at me with every step.


Mark said...

My cat Tufts when she had her only litter tried to put them inside my roommates shirt while she slept. Of course the fact my roommate helped her get them out when she birthed them probably has something to do with that.

Farmgirl said...

In a few days she'll be coming to get me to watch them for her while she eats and takes naps. Once they're mobile she'll start picking them up and bringing them to me to babysit before stalking off to get some rest.
It's happened before, it'll happen again, lol.

Anonymous said...

lol so your cat already has a babysitter, huh? cute. :D

I remember babies.. my sister's cat, Milky, was so cute when he was young. Still is, even if he's a shit. (Sis took a trip to NC, so he's going to be up my ass till late sunday)

And if you think the cat growling with kitten in mouth is bad.. try playing with a mastiff pup who decides to nip at mama's teet.. mama weighs as much as you do and spins around, biting you on the bridge of the nose. *rubs it* I still remember seeing that mark for a while. Play with the puppy, mama spins and that mouth barely opens before I feel it. >.<