Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mutual Fascination

Yesterday our area played host to (I'm assuming) some of the Air Force Academy students on training flights, in various aircraft. Early yesterday morning I heard jets go over my apartment building, and around ten there were eight or ten helicopters in the sky, then around sundown it was prop planes.

Kind of fun to watch, and everyone stopped to gawk when they went over.

Of course, at ten, when the helicopters were going over, I was getting ready for class out at the barn. I had Bubbah out and tacked up, and was at my car grabbing a bottle of water when I heard them, looked up and here they came for a low-altitude (low enough that they changed the direction of the breeze as they went over, but not so low that they were stirring up dirt) slow sweep right over the barn and arenas.

I walked over to where I could see Bubbah and made sure he wasn't having a panic attack (no, curious, and a little nervous looking, but no major panic) and then gawked with everyone else.

As the last helicopter went over, I had begun to giggle at all of the students standing around staring upwards with their mouths slightly open like they were about to start shouting "Airpane! Airpane!"

Then I looked up just in time to catch a flash of pale in one of the windows. It was just an instant, so I could be entirely wrong, but that momentary flash branded itself on my brain as a face staring down at us.

So maybe we aren't the only "country cousins" around.....

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