Saturday, September 22, 2007

Blog Talk Interview

Ok then, the final date has been decided for this coming Thursday, September 27th, or Friday the 28th, depending on whether you want to call it a late night or an early morning.

The show will start at 12:00 midnight CDT, and you can listen in here.

You can call in and ask questions ( (646) 478-4628 ). Or email Mark at txfellowship (at) yahoo (dot) com before 11:30 CDT. Or you can instant message him on yahoo at the ID txfellowship during the show.

Or, you know, run away, far and fast in the other direction.


Farm.Dad said...

fear the call-inns hun fear the call-inns . We will be up for it , and who knows you may have a supprise caller or two .

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