Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Delivery truck was late tonight, resulting in my having to juggle customers, counting all the crap they were hauling in, and pizza making all at once. Follow that up with an unusually steady Tuesday night and getting all my regular work done, and I feel like somebody smacked me.

To top it off I may be getting yelled at tomorrow because I made an executive decision when my cow-orker was wringing her hands. We had two separate, large grass fires burning in the area today, with high winds. The Salvation Army ladies were going to take stuff out to the firefighters, who are all volunteer.

Boss wouldn't answer his phone, so I made the call and said we'd make a list of what they took and they could come in and pay for all of it when they had a chance. It's the Salvation Army they're not going to ditch out on a bill, and we don't have an audit in the next couple of days so it should be fine.

I paid for the coffee myself... most of those boys started out fighting a fire mid morning, and didn't get done until after nine pm. And those were the lucky ones. Some of em were still out there watching for flare-ups at eleven.

Grass fires are no joke this time of year, there's a ton of dry fuel and when the wind picks up they can really take off.

For the curious, one of the fires was on the Kansas state line. Go to google maps and find highways 116 and 160 in southeastern Colorado, through into Kansas.

In places, that fire spanned the entire distance between those highways.

The bright side is that it sounds like nobody lost their home. Several of the historical homesteads were burned, some telephone poles and two barns, between the two fires, but as far as I know it didn't get anyone's house.

Here's hoping there aren't any flare ups and we don't have any more.


David Neylon said...

If the boss talks to you about this, he'd better start with "Thank you"

FrankC said...

And if boss doesn't follow the "Thank you" with a "Well done" remind him that he still has a gas station that was protected by volunteers. (If the fire was close enough that yours was where the Sally Army picked up supplies, then that's close enough, thank you very much.) Coffee (no charge to boss) and doughnuts is a cheap cost.
You might even get the cost of coffee refunded.
Furthermore - Yowza and way-to-go,girl.
Does this make sense?

Peter said...

If you end up not getting all the money owed for those supplies, let me know. I'll gladly contribute to make up any loss. You go, girl!

Anonymous said...

Having been a volunteer firefighter for many years I can tell that after a long day the simple act of being handed a cup of coffee and a sandwich is as appreciated as any of the finest food money can buy. Well done....

Old NFO said...

Concur with David... And what Peter doesn't cover, I will.

Farm.Dad said...

Just to update any checking back .. The estimate as of today was aprox 60 square miles burned on the one fire . It sounds like some flare ups are happening this evening that will have to be batted back down .