Friday, August 27, 2010

Photo Op

Having Oleg Freaking Volk at your blogmeet is bound to turn up some great photos.. what surprised me was just how sneaky the man could be. He's very good at that unobtrusive thing, until he thinks of a shot that he really wants that requires him to be obvious.

I had a couple of twitchy moments, I admit, but all in all it was a good experience, even when I was obviously in front of the camera. Since it will get out soon anyway (these things always do) for those of you who weren't aware, yes, this is me.

There goes my faceless blogger status, but really, if you're going to come out of the anony-mouse closet, what better way to do it than in pictures taken by the immortal Oleg Volk? At least you're guaranteed to look good, cause the man is a genius.

For any potential stalkers* out there: remember, I carry, I'm never entirely unarmed, and I have an intimate familiarity with the process of relieving male critters of their boy bits without causing them to die.

If you haven't seen his stuff (and if you haven't, you're an uninformed heathen, which should be corrected immediately) check Oleg out at his LiveJournal or website ... but do it when you have plenty of time to waste cause you're gonna be entranced.

*Oleg made several joking remarks about how many stalkers I would gain thanks to the pictures, and how most of them would likely have enough sense to realize that actually hurting/touching/otherwise upsetting me would likely result in their gaining several new and interesting orifices. It required a special mention.


Ambulance Driver said...

I feel cheated.

He's about the only photographer alive who could make me look less than hideous, and I don't think he snapped any pictures of me the whole week. :(

P.S. You still need to eat a sammich. And breakfast.

Farmgirl said...

Food for thought: everyone shoving food at me and telling me to eat and bugging me about my weight? It's counter-productive. Part of it is that I'm just a contrary wench and if someone pushes about something I want to do the opposite, but part of it is that all the way through school I dealt with so much crap over it that it made me self conscious... so when people are bugging me about my weight it triggers that self consciousness which pisses me off because I don't have any reason to be self conscious, which makes me... wait for it... not hungry.

Thus how it worked out that when everyone was leaving me alone about it in Dallas that first night I ate like a horse and every time people start talking about it when they come here I hardly eat anything.

TOTWTYTR said...

Thanks for reminding me to add a link to Oleg's Livejournal page. Omission corrected.

Eat or don't eat, just make sure you're healthy.

Larry Ashcraft said...

That's a great pic.

My ugly mug is somewhere on Oleg's site from about a year ago.

Farmgirl, come to our place on September 1st for dove opener and I guarantee you won't be able to resist the food. Full on farm breakfast before daybreak, fresh Alaska salmon and halibut for lunch, and doves cooked over apple wood for supper. Plenty of Colorado peaches and Rocky Ford cantaloupe with all meals.

Art Eatman is driving 750 miles to join us (for the second year in a row), so for you it would just be a short cruise.

Old NFO said...

LOL- That is the most skittish I think I've ever seen you :-)

Oleg Volk said...

Ambulance Driver, I took photos of you but I don't plan on publishing them unless you tell me that's OK. I'll send a DVD with all photos to the farmfam.

phlegmfatale said...

FarmGirl- you're great the way you are, and as long as you or anyone else is healthy, then it's okay for a person to be the natural weight their body finds. Everyone can't be a celestial fruitcup whose cups runneth over like some people we know. :P And I saw you eat at Texas de Brazil, so I KNOW what you can really pack away. Didn't you end that meal with a monster slab of cake, to boot?

I think sometimes people make comments to be playful, but do so without thinking it through. Think of it as a latter-day version of pulling your pigtails. If-I-hit-you-will-you-chase-me? which is a tacit "please chase me?"

I think so many people struggle to keep their weight down that there's astonishment at folks who are naturally thin. There may be a bit of envy there, too.

Undernourished women don't have as nice a rack as you do, btw. ;)

Farmgirl said...

....... Phlegmmy, my dear, I believe that is the best way I've ever been told that someone doesn't think I'm starving myself.... It made me grin.

And yes, I understand that at the worst, it's well meaning meddling from people who care about me, which is why I try really hard not to get snippy when I'm deluged with it.

Ok maybe not worst, worst is when they're pissed because I weigh less than they do and my diet is of the "see food" variety, and my exercise regimen is sort of "this workout you speak of, I do not know it..."

In those cases they're just being bitchy, and not taking into account the fact that if I *could* gain weight, I *would*.

Anyway... I'm not entirely sure if the problem is my inherent contrariness or the lingering self consciousness from many, many occasions of guidance councilors, well meaning teachers, and even doctors trying to convince me that there MUST be something wrong with me. The plain fact is though, when I get a flood of comments about my weight, my appetite vanishes.

Strange, but true, people tell me I'm too skinny, and I suddenly want to nibble everything and not really *eat*.

Ritchie said...

I think the shades should be chrome-I think Oleg could arrange that.

Matt G said...

"Ambulance Driver, I took photos of you but I don't plan on publishing them unless you tell me that's OK."

A sensible direction to take, what with all those nude shots you got of AD, traipsing about the prairieside.

On a Wing and a Whim said...

Matt, thanks for testing the waterproofness of my laptop again. Ow. Coffee sinus rinse. ow.