Friday, June 12, 2009


Got an email this morning from someone at Whooga boots.

Apparently, they love me so much that they're offering all of YOU a discount on their boots! How cool is that!

I went over and poked around their site a bit, and while the selection is a bit limited, I did cast my eye fondly over the Elegance style, in purple of course. US size six and a half, for anyone wanting to get in my good graces.

So if you're looking for some sheepskin boots, head on over to their website, and use the code TRACTORTRA during checkout for a $30 gift certificate.

*this isn't an endorsement. I don't own any of these boots, I haven't tested them in any way, I do not vouch for anything except that they were nice enough to offer me a chance to pass some savings on their product along to you fine people. I think that's a pretty cool thing for them to do, so I shared.


Old NFO said...

They won't last six months... :-) Most Aussies I know just laugh about em!

Farmgirl said...

I'm thinking house shoes.... for when the tootsies are chilly.

OrangeNeckInNY said...

I don't know, FarmGirl...they just don't say "sexy" like a good ol' pair of cowboy boots, especially when worn with a pair of "daisy dukes."

Old NFO said...

As house shoes, your feet would be roasting :-)

Anonymous said...

Well as I love a good gamble and you might get some ad monies running your way; I did the C note throw and ordered. The price is 75 to 100 less than ugs and they will work the gift magic either way.
By the way it was a 31 dollar discount, Thanks!

Farmgirl said...

NFO- My feet are always cold, so roasting sounds good!

Mike- Well I don't get a cut, but I'm sure the company is glad of your business, and I'm happy that they'll make a good gift!