Sunday, July 27, 2008


For the last two days I've been down and out with some kind of rampant illness.

It really started Thursday night, with what I thought was my body's usual reaction to the new month on das patch. For several months I'll get a little queasy in the first week, as my body adjusts to the hormone rush, no big deal, it goes away eventually, I can deal.

I also had a tiny bit of a sore throat, on one side. not too surprising this time of year, plants are starting to cure out and for some reason I'm mildly allergic to dying things. Unless it's a pine tree, and then I'm seriously miserable around it.

Woke up Friday morning and I felt like hammered crap... body aches, queasy stomach, sore throat, swollen glands... just a touch of a fever.

The last two days have sucked. I've been weak as a kitten and twice as useless (I haven't even been cute!)

I'm feeling better so far today... more alert, no fever, body aches seem to be more a case of being horizontal for most of the last couple of days than illness related now.... but my throat still hurts, and my glands are still swollen.

It sucks... I can handle sitting up for more than ten minutes now... but I can't yawn, talk very loud, or swallow anything without wanting to cry.

We'll see how it goes today, I'm going to putter a little bit but not get really exited about doing too much, see if things start easing up. If not, I guess I'll have to go to the doctor and see what the heck is wrong with me.

Can't really afford it, but if this doesn't start resolving on it's own soon, I'm not gonna have much choice.


Anonymous said...

There are three main carriers of disease:


Get use to it. ;>

Crucis said...

I'm just getting over something similar that started on July 4. Doc said I had strep and sinus infection. A Z-pack took care of the strep, KaFlex working on the rest.

Sometimes, ya just gotta go to the Doc...

Mark said...

It sounds like you might have the beginnings of Strep. I would highly recommend you bite the financial bullet and get thyself to a DR and get some anti-biotics.