Saturday, February 9, 2008

Boy Done Lost His Damn Mind!

This morning, I had Monkey in a round pen, mare on one side and gelding on the other. When he started kicking up his heels passing the other gelding I figured he was just feeling good. When I brought him out of the round pen though, he put his head up, arched his neck, put his tail up and just danced his way down the path... all the way to the barn.

The only thing I can figure is that Tara's mare is coming into heat and he figured he'd give it a shot. When I took him back, he acted sane again.

I don't know what he's thinking! He's not proud cut, or he would have given signs of it last semester, when the mares were definitely cycling, but he was sure showing off for someone today.

On the bright side he never pulled or tried to get away from me, just danced around and acted like an idiot, considering that he couldn't manage the act even if he did get in the pen with the mare.

*Headshake* Sometimes I wonder about males, of all species.


Anonymous said...

LOL. I've seen mares that would get excited around other mares in heat - they definitely couldn't do anything. Geldings on the other hand - couldn't achieve pregnancy, but don't discount their ability to do the deed. I've seen it with my own eyes.

mustanger said...

I've seen a gelding attempt to breed too... or rather, as his owner's mom put it, "he's just wishing".

I've heard if a horse was cut after he's learned to act like that, cutting him won't make him any different mentally. You can physically castrate, but you can't cut mental.

Farmgirl said...

Mustanger- That's one of two conditions that are lumped together and called "Proud Cut."

Either the horse learned to be a stud before he was cut, or a small amount of hormone producing tissue was left behind. Most geldings, even if they're cut after they've been bred, will eventually lose the stallion attitude, although they'll keep it for a while. A true proud-cut gelding, where tissues are missed that continue producing hormones, will act like a stud for the rest of his life.

Mark said...

I as a man shall make no comment :)

jon said...

Vicks salve works. Otherwise: Can you say rodeo?