Sunday, November 11, 2007

Battle is Joined...

I girded myself for battle, preparing my body and my mind. I was looking forward to a nice, fierce fight, something to test my abilities and create within me the excitement of victory.

My opponent put on a nice threat display during our battle preparations, and my hopes were raised as I walked on to the testing ground.

Battle was joined, I pursued the advantage, pushing my opponent in every way that I knew.

Then I snorted in disgust as my opponent surrendered, without even putting up a token fight.

I am so disappointed in Monkey.


Holly said...

careful what you are teaching him.....he's discriminating finely between you and other riders with less ability.

sure you want this?

Farmgirl said...

Sparky has plenty of ability, that's the problem. Monkey has just figured out that there is no point in bucking with me, even if he does manage to get me off, I get right back on and he works harder than he would have if he had behaved himself.

There are tests in planning to see if it's just Sparky, or men in general.

E has agreed to try him, and see if he tries anything. It may also be possible that Monkey acted up with Sparky because I wasn't there.

Lots of things it could be, and none more disappointed than Sparky that Monkey didn't try anything with me.

Sean said...

If you'd said "girded my loins" just think how your site meter would have jumped.....

sorry, couldn't resist! Thanks as always for sharing your stories - sorry Monkey's being inconsistent, and look forward to hearing the next one.

Anonymous said...

Farm Girl there are at least 1,000,000 men in America who are looking for a woman with that kind of attitude. Keep it, you will do well in life. Wish I had found you 30 years ago.