Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What the fu...

Ok was watching the news after I posted that last one and I gotta say, folks are just getting entirely too sensitive about the dumbest crap.

The Golden Compass is a movie based on a book, and the Catholic church is upset about the movie because it is... get this... a blatant advertisement for the book, which contains atheist themes.

Well no shit sherlock, the movie is based on the book, of course it's an advertisement for the book!

Oh, and get over it, if people want to be atheist they're going to be atheist.

I also have issues with the spokesman for the Catholic church referring to Catholicism as "The Cadillac of religions."

Wth, is it a belief system or a car? Cause I gotta tell you, my belief system is a lot different from my car.....

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