Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Ok, I was wrong. Tomorrow is going to suck.

But I have one question for my neighbors in the building.....

Why in the hell are your children running up and down the stairs at one o'clock in the freaking morning?!?!?

No, really. Children. Up and down the stairs. Shrieking. One in the morning. I thought there was a fire.

Put a leash on them or something, people. The adrenaline rush from hearing an about eight year old girl shriek and thunder down the stairs will have me up for another hour, which I really appreciate since I have an eight o'clock class anyway. And as for her brother, or cousin, or whoever the hell he was... all I can say is: beat him until he shuts up.

Yelling in the hallways of a badly soundproofed apartment building at this gawdawful hour should be a capital offense.

Edit: Those kids were running around again at two, and three thirty. I'm a zombie, I'd just be dozing off and hear the Screeching Elephant Twins coming, and bam! Wide awake. If they pull that crap tonight I'm catching them in the hall and beating their butts myself.


Anonymous said...

I would talk to management, With the word my next call would be the police
for disturbing My peace.. It's Cleaner than my next suggestion... lots less blood than pulling them into tiny pieces. But what ever works..

Love Ya

Digital Falcon said...

I knew there was a reason why carpet sharks are not a part of my life. They steal the most blissful time there is to be had: Sleep. Hopefully they will get too hyped up on sugar and pass out tonight so that you may rest.

Anonymous said...

I second the suggestion of talking to management and making it clear the cops will be called next.

I lived in apartments once when I was a kid... in a suburb of Atlanta. This wasn't the kind of trouble we saw/heard about... mostly burglary, but it's bad enough considering it's theft *and* stuff was happening when folks were home.

So I'm somewhere between saying be glad it's not any of a list of felonies because it could be a lot worse, and saying make that "disturbing the peace" charge stick. I'm with you... you oughta be able to sleep at night.