Monday, September 10, 2007

I've Been Blog Luv'd

AD has sent me some blog Luv!

The rules of the meme are Thus: I post the little picture in my sidebar, and tell Ya'll about five other bloggers that I love. So, hang on to your hats people.

Murph, over at Murphy Was A Grunt. This dude is hilarious, go check him out, and feed his ego. Maybe he'll post more regularly then, instead of in spurts.

Monkey Girl at Musings of A Highly Trained Monkey. I gotta agree with AD on this one, she needs to take her rest, chill out, and come back to us.

CrankyProf at Cranky Epistles. Even though the posting rate has gone way down since the Prof popped out the latest sprog, which I am definitely not going to criticize, there's still plenty in the archives. If you haven't checked her out, go do so.

LawDog, of course, at The Law Dog Files. Ya'll should already know why.

And, since I'm jonesing for more Star Of Life I'm going to go ahead and hit AD with this one again, for that one.

And, since the last one was a tag-back I'm gonna go ahead and give ya'll one more...

On The Clock is a great blog, Sam is giving us the story of how she got into the bambulance business, and the amusing things which happen along the way. This girl is a very good writer, and keeps you on your toes. Go check her out.


Murphy said...

Aha! I'm a spurter.

""Lord, I apologize for that right there, and please be with the starvin' pygmies in New Guinea."

MonkeyGirl said...

Thanks for the love! I really did need to get over myself; thanks for helping me climb outta my funk.

(That's purely mental funk. No physical funk here. Ewww.)

Medic61 said...

Oh my heavens!
I am just now finding you, and just now finding out that you gave me blog love! I'm kinda loving reading your blog, and I really appreciate what you said/your linkage. Consider it mutual :)