Friday, August 24, 2007


Got my phone, tv, and internet hooked up.

And whooo-eeee this internet is fast. It makes me happy.

I do need a longer phone cord, though, since for some gawdawful reason my phone has to be plugged into the back of my modem.. I don't know, don't really care. Just gotta get a phone line long enough to run to like the side table instead of having the phone base on the floor by the desk.

But I have TV!!! No more insanity!

Ok, so no more than usual.


Farm.Dad said...

We will throw in both a phone cord and an extra dsl filter when we come up , My money is with a filter the phone will work in any jack in the apt LOL .

And congrats on the hookup .

farmgirl said...

Its not DSL dad its cable, and the phone will only work through the modem because the "household" wiring is all screwed up.

Farm.Dad said...

ahh kk lol well i dont think i want to rewire the apt, too much work lol .

farmgirl said...

not to mention it wouldn't do much good since the phone doesn't go through the house lines anyway..... :P