Friday, August 24, 2007


So, J has put me off again on whether or not to bring ol' Red up, but the plan at this point is bring him unless J tells me otherwise. He showed me the list and he's *been* counting me so unless he gets someone that insists on bringing one more than he needs up, then both of the boys come.

Still don't have a feed crew list, but oh well, we'll figure it out.

If too many people don't get their horses in Saturday and insist on spreading themselves out (jeez, people, we're gonna fill the barn up anyway, might as well let 'em get used to having neighbors) I'll stall the two boys next to each other. Double checked with the instructor and she's for stalling buddies together, so that's good. Some trainers want buddied-up horses stalled separately, they say it helps them get over having to be around each other *all* the time. So I wanted to double check.

So that's the plan, Stan, since I know Farmdad will be reading this at some point today, and if I don't get ahold of Farmmom while she's going to lunch then he'll be able to tell her. And if I get a call not to bring Red I'll call right after.

(Kinda nice, being able to just leave a note here.... :P )

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