Friday, August 10, 2007


Our society is home to several different classes of geeks. I'm not using geek as a derogatory term, as many people use it, but rather as a descriptive, and often as a title of respect.

See, to me, being a geek means you're into something, be it Role Playing Games, computers, console games, comic books, books in general, sports, sport statistics, or whatever. I've run across geeks of every imaginable interest, either in my "flesh" life or online.

Being a Geek, with the capitol letter, means that not only are you into something, you're very very good at it.

I'm a book geek. I read constantly, and although my selections are rarely the classics: Jane Eyre, Emma, any of Orson Wells's books, I do try to read a few, or re-read my favorites, every year.

Like so many others around the world, years ago I was caught up by the Harry Potter craze. I'd heard a lot about it, but hadn't picked up an actual Harry Potter book until after the second one came out. I finally decided to check it out of the school library, and see what all the fuss was about.

I was hooked. And shortly, so was Farmmom.

We've kept up with the books and movies ever since.

Tonight, we're going to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It'll be the first Harry Potter movie we've watched in a theater. We've always waited until they came out on DVD so that we could own them and watch them a couple of times in a row, once to see the movie, and once to point out all the flaws and missing pieces from the book.

And of course, if Daniel Radcliffe's run of Equus is ever filmed and released in the US on DVD, we'll probably own that too.

What can I say... he looks yummy in the publicity photos.


Anonymous said...

Girl, from what I read, the boy does a nude scene or two as well..


Just ain't doin' it for me, but cut as he is there, can you imagine that ass?


farmgirl said...

In Equus? He does a few nudes, yes.

What can I say, the wiry look is one that I enjoy.

Besides, you gotta admit, with eyes like that, and those arms... There's a certain curiosity to see what kind of broomstick he's packin....

Anonymous said...

Being an Electrical Engineer and mostly into Mathematics, I'm usually called either a geek or a nerd. I take great pride in my geekiness, especially since Electrical Engineering is abbreviated as EE, and if you look at it this way gEEk it makes sense. I despise being called a nerd though.

Reel Fanatic said...

I'm not as caught up in the Harry Potter craze as the rest of the world, but I'm slowly catching up .. I'm on about page 550 of "Half-Blood Prince," and enjoying it immensely, and then I'll read the last volume .. and I thought "Order of the Phoenix" was the best Potter movie yet, so I hope you enjoyed it

farmgirl said...

The Harry Potter movies are a study in excellent special effects. Unfortunately, due to the sheer amount of information in each of the books, the movies are bearing less resemblance to the books all the time.

If they want to do the last two right, they should just plan on doing longer movies. The die hard fans will still pay to park their butts in a theater seat for four hours... and then release it immediately to DVD, and watch sales skyrocket.

I enjoy the movies for the sake of the movies, but I am disappointed in the amount of stuff that has to be left out.