Thursday, April 12, 2012

Men In Black Suits

Ya'll remember, way back in '07, when I wrote a little goofy parody, that sort of got stuck, and never came un-stuck?

Well, it finally did. You can finally find out what in the hell happened with Sam in the bathroom!

Since I'm broke, I'm selling it. Don't worry, it's cheap, only 99 cents. I get less than half of that, but let's face it, it's a short story. It also provided a handy dry run for when I publish Jane... and I've learned a few things that will make that process go much smoother, so it's a net win.

As a side note, no, it's not published under FarmGirl. It's also not published under my real name. Plenty of people out there know who I am, now, but I always planned on publishing Jane under a nom de plume, and this particular one happens to let me honor people that I dearly love at the same time. That dizzy last name? It's pronounced "Dahzee."

Get it at Amazon or Barnes and Noble for your favorite e-reader or e-reader app.



Joat said...

You've got at least one sale.

Farmmom said...

good for you kiddo. And the name thing is awesome.

Jennifer said...

Very cool! I just downloaded it

Joat said...

I grabbed it last night and read it today. I liked it.

Thornharp said...

See if you can dig up the short story, "Up Schist Creek". The only source I could find via Google was the collection "Anthonology" -- Piers Anthony, of course, but somehow I associated it with the collection "With A Finger In My I" from David Gerrold. Probably mental misfiling on my part, keyed on their mutual talent for ghastly puns.